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1729 ANCIENTS-ROMAN GERMANICUS - Father of Caligula, died A.D.19, Copper AS. dk toned, o/all (old) surface pitting & corros Fine+ $200.00
1730 ANCIENTS-ROMAN CLAUDIUS A.D.41-54 AS. Rev-Libertas stg R.. dk toned, old surface pitting VG $115.00
1731 ANCIENTS-ROMAN CLAUDIUS A.D.41-54 AE AS. Rev-Minerva adv R, with Spear & shield dk tn, (old) lt surf pitting gFine $180.00
1732 ANCIENTS-ROMAN VESPASIAN A.D.69-79 DENARIUS. Rev-Annona seated to L gVF/VF $225.00
1733 ANCIENTS-ROMAN VESPASIAN A.D.69-79 DENARIUS. Rev-Eagle stg on altar, head L. Bust of Emperor to L. ..SCARCE.. VF $350.00
1734 ANCIENTS-ROMAN VESPASIAN A.D.69-79 DENARIUS. Rev-Emperor seated R, hld Sceptre & branch. S-2305 edge chip, lt (old) surface pitting VF/aVF $125.00
1735 ANCIENTS-ROMAN VESPASIAN A.D.69-79 DENARIUS. Rev-Modius containing corn-ears. lt surf pitting VF $240.00
1736 ANCIENTS-ROMAN VESPASIAN A.D.69-79 AE AS. Rev-Spes stg L dk tone, lt corr VF $250.00
1737 ANCIENTS-ROMAN TITUS-As Augustus A.D.79-81, DENARIUS. Rev-Capricorn L, globe below.. S-2510 Fine+ $220.00
1738 ANCIENTS-ROMAN DOMITIAN A.D.81-96 DENARIUS. Rev-Herald adv L, hld wand gVF/VF $250.00
1739 ANCIENTS-ROMAN DOMITIAN A.D.81-96 DENARIUS. Rev-Minerva stg L, with spear. vari surf scrs aVF/F $100.00
1740 ANCIENTS-ROMAN DOMITIAN A.D.81-96 DENARIUS. Rev-Minerva stg L, hld Thunderbolt aEF/gVF $300.00
1741 ANCIENTS-ROMAN DOMITIAN A.D.81-96 AS. Rev-Fortune stg L. VG/Poor $65.00
1742 ANCIENTS-ROMAN NERVA A.D.96-98 DENARIUS. Rev-Equity stg to L. ltly toned, flan crack VF+ $225.00
1743 ANCIENTS-ROMAN NERVA A.D.96-98, DENARIUS. Rev-Sacrific Implements.. S-3032 VF/aVF $265.00
1744 ANCIENTS-ROMAN NERVA A.D.96-98, Copper AS. Rev-Libert stg L, hld pileus. weak legends F/aF $185.00
1745 ANCIENTS-ROMAN TRAJAN A.D.98-117 DENARIUS.. Rev-Equity stg L, hld Scales. mn surf pitting VF/aVF $175.00
1746 ANCIENTS-ROMAN TRAJAN A.D.98-117 DENARIUS. Rev-Concord seated to L. gVF $225.00
1747 ANCIENTS-ROMAN TRAJAN A.D.98-117 DENARIUS. Rev-Danavius reclining L, on rock. S-3138 gVF/VF $425.00
1748 ANCIENTS-ROMAN TRAJAN A.D.98-117 DENARIUS. Rev-Genius stg L, over altar aVF $225.00
1749 ANCIENTS-ROMAN TRAJAN A.D.98-117 DENARIUS. Rev-Hercules stg R, on altar VF/aVF $180.00
1750 ANCIENTS-ROMAN TRAJAN A.D.98-117 DENARIUS. Rev-Pax stg L, leaning on column VF/aVF $160.00
1751 ANCIENTS-ROMAN TRAJAN A.D.98-117, DENARIUS.. Rev-Pax stg L, foot on Dacian captive.. mn surface pitting aVF $170.00
1752 ANCIENTS-ROMAN TRAJAN A.D.98-117 DENARIUS. Rev- Providentia stg L. dk tnd, lt surf pits VF/aVF $150.00
1753 ANCIENTS-ROMAN HADRIAN A.D.117-38 DENARIUS. Rev-Fides stg R, hld corn-ears & bowl of fruit. S-3492 irregular flan aEF $240.00
1754 ANCIENTS-ROMAN HADRIAN A.D.117-38 DENARIUS.. Rev-Roma seated L, hld Victory. lt clnd-retoned gVF/VF $325.00
1755 ANCIENTS-ROMAN HADRIAN A.D.117-38 DENARIUS. Rev-Salus seated to L, feeding snake.. S-3525 gVF/VF $275.00
1756 ANCIENTS-ROMAN ANTONINUS PIUS A.D. 138-61, DENARIUS. Rev-Pax stg to L, holding branch. slt off centre strike Fine $105.00
1757 ANCIENTS-ROMAN ANTONINUS PIUS A.D. 138-61, DENARIUS. Rev-Winged Thunderbolt Bold Portrait aEF $200.00
1758 ANCIENTS-ROMAN ANTONINUS PIUS A.D. 138-61, AE AS. Rev-Pax stg L, hld branch. dk tnd, cple lt corros spots aVF $75.00
1759 ANCIENTS-ROMAN FAUSTINA Snr - Wife of Ant.Pius; died A.D. 141, DENARIUS. Rev- Ceres stg L, hld corn ears. DIVA Iss struck by Ant.Pius EF $190.00
1760 ANCIENTS-ROMAN FAUSTINA Snr - Wife of Ant.Pius, died A.D.141, SESTERTIUS. Rev-Pietas sacrificing over altar to L. S-4631.. dk tone gFine $165.00
1761 ANCIENTS-ROMAN MARCUS AURELIUS A.D. 161-80, DENARIUS. Rev-Concord seated L. ..SCARCE.. a EF/gVF $205.00
1762 ANCIENTS-ROMAN MARCUS AURELIUS - As Caesar, A.D.139-61 SESTERTIUS. S-4822 Rev-M.Aurelius in Triumphal Quadriga L. some scr (mostly on bust) F-gF $300.00
1763 ANCIENTS-ROMAN FAUSTINA Jnr - Wife of M/Aurelius, died A.D.175, DENARIUS. Rev-Peacock stg facing tail spread gVF $190.00
1764 ANCIENTS-ROMAN FAUSTINA Jnr - Wife of Marcus Aurelius, died A.D.175, SESTERT. Rev-Venus stg L, hld rudder.. S-4720 Struck Under Ant.Pius. gFine $225.00
1765 ANCIENTS-ROMAN LUCIUS VERUS AD.161-9 DENARIUS. Rev-Equity stg L gVF/VF $190.00
1766 ANCIENTS-ROMAN LUCIUS VERUS A.D.161 - 69, DENARIUS. Rev- Mars stg R, resting on spear & shield. S-5355 gVF/VF $190.00
1767 ANCIENTS-ROMAN LUCILLA - Wife of L.Verus; died A.D.182, DENARIUS. Rv-Pudicitia seated L, R hand on breast gVF $165.00
1768 ANCIENTS-ROMAN SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS A.D.193-211, DENARIUS. Rev:corn-ears between 2 crossed cornucopaie. clnd-retoned, small flan gVF $140.00
1769 ANCIENTS-ROMAN SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS A.D.193-211, DENARIUS. Rev-LIBER AUG, Liberal stg L, hld abacus. VERY SCARCE gVF/VF $250.00
1770 ANCIENTS-ROMAN CARACALLA A.D.198-217 DENARIUS. Rev-Emperor stg R; hld spear, 2 standards behind. Part Lustre gEF/EF $200.00
1771 ANCIENTS-ROMAN CARACALLA A.D.198-217 DENARIUS. Rev-Liberat stg L. mn flan cks EF $180.00
1772 ANCIENTS-ROMAN CARACALLA A.D.198-217 DENARIUS. Rev-Minerva stg L, hld Victory. Full Round Flan gVF $225.00
1773 ANCIENTS-ROMAN CARACALLA A.D.198-217 DENARIUS. Rev-Provid stg L, hld wand over Globe gVF $135.00
1774 ANCIENTS-ROMAN GETA A.D.198-209, DENARIUS. Rve-Minerva stg L, Trace Lustre aEF $240.00
1775 ANCIENTS-ROMAN ELAGABALUS A.D.218-22 DENARIUS,Rev-Abundance stg L, emptying cornucopia. sm rev corros spot gEF $225.00
1776 ANCIENTS-ROMAN ELAGABALUS A.D.218-22 ANT.. Rev-Mars adv R, hld spear & trophy. Large flan, Pt Lustre ..SCARCE.. aEF $160.00
1777 ANCIENTS-ROMAN GORDIAN 111, A.D.238 to 244, ANT.. Rev- Gordian stg L, altar at feet. lt cld gVF $65.00
1778 ANCIENTS-ROMAN HERENNIA ETRUSCILLA Wife of Tr.Decius, A.D.249-51, ANT.. Rev-Pudicitia seated to L. a EF/gVF $160.00
1779 ANCIENTS-ROMAN PROBUS A.D.276-82 ANT.. Rev-Probus rec globe from Jupiter. old surface pitting, corros gVF $23.00

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